Project background

It all began with a breadboard – i built up the bassdrum and snare of the TR-606 for learning purposes. then they were modded, new voices were added, also a midi trigger interface. In the end i had 4 breadboards full of heavily modded voices of the TR-606 and TR-808.


printed circuit board

As all schematics were drawn while doing the breadboard wiring i also made a PCB from it – a good practice for layouting.



After populating the board, the next step was hardware debugging (layout mistakes, wrong part values, last minute improvements etc..). All in all the first PCB had about 30 little mistakes which all could be fixed directly on the board.


Power supply

The bipolar power supply is housed externally in a nice 3D printed case


The result is a midi drumsynthesizer in 19″ 3 units high. no internal sequencer.

The frontpanel was manufactures by Schaeffer, it was professionally bent to fit the lower part which is coming from the Synth Controller.