Modded Roland TR-606

606 modding - finished device
606 modding – finished device

A heavily modded 606 with a custom woodcase, individual outputs, Midi-Trigger with velocity.

Some audiodemo with parameter tweaking
Modded TR-606


First thing was to find tweakable parameters for the individual soundsources. Some websites were very helpful although some parameters were not documentated yet like decay for the Tom-Noise. I do not have any clean documentation of the mods, just these two handwritten sheets:



Solderpins were set into the holes of the original parts
Solderpins were set into the holes of the original parts

After desoldering the factory parts i set pins in the holes. Very good for finding the right pots. At the end the cables were soldered onto the pins

606 modding - pots pots pots
606 modding – pots pots pots

The empty case with frontplate and the pots.

606 modding - frontplate
606 modding – frontplate

Frontplate with the modded parameters.

606 modding - inside
606 modding – inside

Here you see the thing with finished cabeling.

606 modding - raw case
606 modding – raw case

Unpainted case