DAWless Summer 2021 developements

In Sommer 21 i wanted to make some music without computer, to the same time i aquired a bARP2600. As a consequence i developed some pieces of gear to make things easier in the world of analogue trigger signals. The results are presented here and might be interesting or inspiring for the one or other. If the public interest in a device exceeds a personla level, it might culminate in a small batch of complete diy kits. If you are interested in something, you are welcome to send a little email to summer21@stereoping.com Every email will be read. If something will be realized you will receive an email then with the option for early purchase. If not, your email will be deleted within the current privacy policies.

Trigger Midi Rocket


The TriggerMidiRocket is a 3 track sequencer/arpeggiator being triggered by analogue pulses and sending out MIDI events. It wants (up to) 4 trigger signals, one per track and another for reset. After pressing LEARN and selecting a track, you teach it 1-32 events by sending them to MIDI IN: notes or complete chords. There is also a REST button to set pauses. Each track extracts it’s midichannel from the incoming events. In normal PLAY mode, the triggered track sends the learnt midi events on it’s midichannel one after the other to MIDI OUT. To the end of the event list the track starts from the beginning. There are controls for different directions & transposition (having impact on the track whose On/Off, Gate or Velo knobs were touched) and dedicated knobs for Velocity (if desired with random) and Gate. One complete setting can be saved to start over the next day.

Eurorack Gatelift

Eurorack Gate Lift
Eurorack Gate Lift Module

Unfortunately the bARP2600’s envelopes want triggers with amplitude of 10-11V. The Gatelift module starts to react on 3V and lifts Gates and Triggers up to 11 Volt. One input additionally generates a Trigger from an incoming Gate.

Eurorack E-Zwitcher

Eurorack E-Zwitcher Voltage Source, 8x1 4x2 Sequencer
Eurorack E-Zwitcher Voltage Source, 8×1 4×2 Sequencer

The E-Zwitcher is quite versatile:

    • Double Voltage-Source: 4 pushbuttons allow to select one of 4 columns, each column has 2 pots to adjust voltages going to OUT 1 and 2. For setting musical intervals for 2 Oscillators e.g.
    • The 4 cols will be cycled by triggers going into the STEP jack
    • the SCAN input jack allows to run/jump through the 4 columns in any direction with a control voltage 0-5V
    • the pushbutton 1×8 turns the 4×2 mode into a 1×8 sequencer
    • Both voltage outputs with separate Glide
    • Instead of the normalized 5V as common voltage source, any signal can be feeded here (audio as well). The device acts as 1×8 or 4×2 attenuator then
    • Each column has it’s own input jack breaking connection to the common 5V input. Allows routing and attenuating of multiple different CV or audio sources
    • RESET jack for … reset

Eurorack RackRhythm 88

Eurorack ER-88 Trigger Sequencer
Eurorack ER-88 Trigger Sequencer

After spending 3 years in a drawer i finally found the time finishing this. A trigger sequencer with the following specs:

  • 8 tracks with individual length of 2-16 steps, 5V Trigger outputs
  • 3 banks with 8 pattern, each pattern with A and B
  • sequencial programmierung with 2 buttons (Note, Rest), realtime or random
  • Internal Sync with pots for Tempo and Swing with separate OUTPUT jacks for Reset, Clock and A/B. Setting TEMPO to INS converts the 3 output jacks Reset/Clock/AB to INPUT jacks reacting to incoming trigger signals. The incoming clock is dividable from 1:1 to 24 ticks/DinSync of 16th, 8th, triplets. The SWING also works for
    external clock.
  • configurable triggerlenth and A/B swapping pattern

Eurorack Accenter expansion module for RR-88

Eurorack ER-88 Trigger Sequencer backside
Eurorack ER-88 Trigger Sequencer backside

The RR-88 just sends static 5-Volt Triggers. The accenter multiplies the triggers of track 8 on tracks 1-7, in fact it’s an accent track. The voltage amplitude of the accented as well as the un-accented triggers is adjustable between 0 and 11V with 2 pots. Then each track has a trigger mute flip switch and finally there is an Ethernet-jack to supply all 6 instruments of the Nord Drum 2 through it’s NORD PAD INPUT without having to use 6 dedicated cables.

Eurorack Multiple

Eurorack Multiple
Eurorack Multiple

A simple but quite handy, passive output module.

  • Two times 3.5mm to 6.3mm
  • Two times 3.5mm through an attenuator to 3.5mm and 6.3mm

Eurorack Trigger to Gate/Delay/Burst

Eurorack Trigger Delay Burst
Eurorack Trigger Delay Burst
  • Converts a short trigger signal (> 3V) into a 10V-gate with length up to 3 seconds
  • DELAY delayes the start of the gate (or trigger if gatetime is set to very short) for up to 3 seconds
  • REPEATS starts to have a function after moving it out of the minimal position: it sets the count of triggers sent out for one incoming trigger between 1-6. DELAY then is responsible for the time between the individual triggers. Many interesting burst sounds like guiros or ratches can be made.