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Stereoping news of the year 2017

02/2020 – UniCC-Edition for Controller

  • Synth Programmer manuals updated for Matrix, Microwave, MKS80, VS and Chroma (minor text additions)
  • The Synth Controller got a new edition: Uni-CC. It allows sending of any CC-number on any channel in additon to customizable stepwidth or max value. We offer an online editor to build your personal CC-schedule. For details please check out the addendum of the UniCC-edition
  • CR-68-M-TMG sets running dry. 5 sets still available. The product will not be continued.

01/2020 – CC-Mode for Programmer

  • Firmware Update 1.5 – the Synth Programmer (all editions except Pulse) now have a native Control Change Mode. Please check the PDF manual in Programmer’s Downloads
  • Page update: all manuals and firmwares are now accessible through a file explorer
  • The Shop is open again
  • Article about Yamaha R-1000 EQ modding completely rewritten

03/2019 – Programmers in the shop

02/2019 – Böhm Dynamic 4×9 info & demovideos, DS-8 edition

01/2019 – Shop Relaunch

12/2018 – youtube video ‘Oud magic’

  • I enjoy finding some sparetime to make music again – new melancholic synthie tune with Video on youTube: ‘Oud magic’
  • Programmer Edition for Prophet VS is finished and available to the end of january.
  • new Synth Controller edition for 01/2019: Hawk 800