We develop, manufacture and sell synthesizer hardware midicontroller

03/2018 Programmer for Rhodes Chroma, Edition SX-240


  • 2nd Demovideo for the PULScar project
  • Developement of the Synth Programmer Edition for Rhodes Chroma has begun.
  • The 3 buttons to the left of the Synth Programmer Edition for Microwave are all red now.
  • We deleted our Stereoping Facebook account.
  • New Controller edition ‘SX-240’ for Kawai SX240 with Tauntek EPROM, Faceplates available around end of April, Demovideo from Lackan.

02/2018 – Synth Programmer finished


  • The Synth Programmer is finished. We started to work down the preorder list.
  • Synth Programmer Pre-Viz pix replaced with (still bad) photos

01/2018 – Happy new year


  • The first 4 firmwares for the Programmer are finished. First units to be shipped to end of january
  • There is a new edition for the Synth Controller for Audiothingies MicroMonsta
  • the next batch of faceplates for the Synth Controller is ordered. SixTweak will be available again to mid of february
  • New article and Demovideo about the PULScar project – a Pulse with OSCar VCF

10/2017 Synth Programmer for Waldorf Pulse


  • Synth Programmer update: Edition for Waldorf Pulse will come. Developement of edition for Rhodes Chroma delayed for several weeks due to other tasks which have to be done first.
  • The Synth Programmer preorder list will be closed on november 1st. To the end of november the entries will be emailed with further details as soon as their programmer(s) are available. As soon as all preorder entries are served – which will approx. take about 3 months – the programmer will be available regularly in the shop.
  • Microwave Edition finished and in betatest. Preorderlist closed.

07/2017 Online facelift


  • Little Firmware-Bugfix for Thet4 Edition. VCA Sustain unintendedly sent VCF Sustain
  • Shop and website are undergoing a little facelift for planned content
  • Official product announce of our next prodtc to the beginning of august

05/2017 Firmware updates

  • Little Firmware-Bugfix in editions 1016R, 81Z, 8P, 8000, G8P, K1, K3, K4, Alpha, Microwave 1&2, JX70 and M-80. The CC-SysEx translator now only reacts on CCs of the basechannel. CC messages on other channels are passed through.
  • We found another couple of Sparta Delays.
  • Review of the Synth-Controller in german Keys magazine

04/2017 Relocation


  • Due to a relocation the shop will be closed between April 03rd and 15th. E-Mails might be answered with a delay.

02/2017 – 81Z update, Instagram fotostream