We develop, manufacture and sell synthesizer hardware midicontroller

06/2022 – New Editions, Pulse Programmer update

  • Firmware Update 1.60 for Pulse Programmer – now supporting the Selector from Virtual Music
  • Three new Controller editions: for Nord Drum2, Volca Sample & Akai VX73/AX90 with Tauntek firmware
  • Firmware bugfix for Controller edition Thet4

08/2021 – Programmer updates

  • Matrix Programmer firmware update 1.70 introducing new features (Matrix1000 only): new submenu VIBR for editing the 3rd LFO and another submenu GLBL with 4 global parameters: BENDRANG, MASTERTUNE, TRANSPOSE und MIDI MONO MODE
  • CHORD MEMO SETUP display-crash-bugfix for Microwave/Matrix/MKS80 Programmer

05/2021 – Microwave Programmer Firmware Update

  • Firmware Update for Microwave Programmer to V 1.62. New: Userwave editing & randomizing plus Userwave drawing and randomizing
  • Demovideo of the new Programmer features
  • New question added to Synth Controller FAQ: What about an edition for Korg DW-6000, Yamaha FB01, Cheetah MS-6?

02/2021 – New editions for Controller

  • New Controller editions: Ensoniq Mirage, Lexicon LXP-1 und LXP-5
  • New CCTranslator edition for Lexicon LXP-5

11/2020 – JX70 edition update

  • The JX-70 edition got a variation to work with the Vecoven OS 4.x Version Editionname: “JX70 VK4.x”
  • The shop is closed until 01/2021