We develop, manufacture and sell synthesizer hardware midicontroller

07/2017 Online facelift


  • Little Firmware-Bugfix for Thet4 Edition. VCA Sustain unintendedly sent VCF Sustain
  • Shop and website are undergoing a little facelift for planned content
  • Official product announce of our next prodtc to the beginning of august

05/2017 Firmware updates

  • Little Firmware-Bugfix in editions 1016R, 81Z, 8P, 8000, G8P, K1, K3, K4, Alpha, Microwave 1&2, JX70 and M-80. The CC-SysEx translator now only reacts on CCs of the basechannel. CC messages on other channels are passed through.
  • We found another couple of Sparta Delays.
  • Review of the Synth-Controller in german Keys magazine

04/2017 Relocation


  • Due to a relocation the shop will be closed between April 03rd and 15th. E-Mails might be answered with a delay.

02/2017 – 81Z update, Instagram fotostream


01/2017 – ‘M-80’ edition for Roland MKS-80 Demovideo

Happy new year!