We develop, manufacture and sell synthesizer hardware midicontroller

11/2018 – end year updates

  • Synth Programmer Matrix Bugfix to V1.04 – Program Change for Matrix 6 works now
  • The shop will be closed from november 24th to january 3rd

06/2018 – Chroma Programmer Video

05/2018 – Ibanez UE-405-modding

  • New article and video about the Ibanez UE-405 with 2 mods: switchplate and internal reverb

04/2018 Chroma Programmer finished


  • Synth Programmer Edition for Rhodes Chroma is finished and in betatest. Text and photo in the section for the Synth Programmer are updated. Also made a little Instagram-Video
  • 14.04.18 – the ‘served’ status of the Synth Programmer’s preorder list is at 42%
  • 15.04.18 – Synth programmer for Microwave – Firmwareupdate to V1.01
  • 16.04.18 – Synth programmer for Microwave & 80 – Firmwareupdate to V1.02
  • 24.04.18 – Synth programmer for Matrix – Firmwareupdate to V1.03

03/2018 Programmer for Rhodes Chroma, Edition SX-240


02/2018 – Synth Programmer finished


  • The Synth Programmer is finished. We started to work down the preorder list.
  • Synth Programmer Pre-Viz pix replaced with (still bad) photos